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Workshop FAQ

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Q: Are non-Stanford students allowed to register for the workshop?
Yes, all full-time students are welcome to register and attend. Verification is required (student ID, course schedule, letter from school). We offer a student registration fee of $150 during early and regular registration periods.  

Q: Where can I request an invitation letter?
Please log into the Geothermal Workshop page and request an invitation letter from your account. Each attendee and letter needs to come from the workshop page. 

Q: Do you offer any financial assistance?
Unfortunately, we do not have financial support available to attendees.

Q: Are authors expected to attend?
The workshop is organized for attendees and authors are expected to attend and present their papers. 

Q: I can no longer attend to present my paper. Can a coauthor attend and present?
Yes, a coauthor may attend as long as they are fully paid and registered. After your paper has been submitted and accepted, you will have the option to designate the speaker. 

Q: Where can I find wire transfer instructions?
When you register for the workshop, choose "Wire Transfer" as your payment option. Wire transfer instructions will appear on the screen. Don't forget to submit your registration to complete registration. 

Q: Where can I get my invoice?
If you are already registered, please email us at to request an invoice.

If you are not registered yet, please complete registration with the appropriate payment option (credit card, check or wire transfer) and email us at to request an invoice. Please use this option even if you are requesting funds from your organization. 

Q: I'm getting an error when I try to pay by credit card. What can I do?
We only accept MasterCard and Visa. If you are receiving an error, please ensure the zip code entered matches the billing zip code on the credit card. 

Q: Does Stanford have free on-campus transportation?
Stanford offers a free shuttle service for on-campus transportation. Learn more about the Marguerite Shuttle.