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The Stanford Geothermal program, in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, offers graduate study programs leading to the degrees of MS or PhD. Applications are invited from qualified candidates with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences or engineering. People with working experience in the geothermal industry are encouraged to apply. Financial aid is available for applicants with strong records.



Feb 10 2020 | Stanford Earth
Stanford researchers have sequenced microbial communities in samples of reservoir fluids to identify where water traveled through underground networks and pathways.
Feb 10 2020 | Sanford Lab
Researchers ask microorganisms for directions through the subterranean networks they colonize
Jul 12 2018 | Stanford Earth
Geothermal engineer Roland Horne discusses geothermal energy in the face of natural hazards and a way to tap the earth’s heat far from volcanoes in the future.


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