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The program undertakes studies in a number of significant areas, including well test analysis of fractured and multiphase reservoirs, design and interpretation of tracer tests in fractured reservoirs, adsorption in vapor-dominated reservoirs, experimental measurements of fluid flow parameters, and optimization of production and reinjection strategies.

The Stanford Geothermal Program has conducted geothermal reservoir engineering research for more than 50 years. During this time, over 200 projects have been completed, each generating a technical report for the community. In addition, a large number of technical papers have been published in the open scientific literature. Starting in 1975, we have held the annual Stanford Geothermal Workshop, which has been a core technical event in the international geothermal community.

As a result of our deep research commitment, the Stanford Geothermal Program has produced a large number of graduate engineers who are now leaders in the geothermal industry, both in the US and worldwide. Our more than 150 graduates are widely represented throughout the  worldwide geothermal industry, finding positions with companies such as ORMAT, Chevron, Fervo Energy, UNOCAL Geothermal, California Energy Company, Magma Geothermal, Geothermex, Calpine Corporation, Pacific Gas and Electric, Santa Fe Geothermal, and Caithness in the US. Our international reach includes companies in Japan, Philippines, Iceland, China, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand and Indonesia.

The impact of the Stanford Geothermal Program on the industry has been very considerable in all respects -- in research results, qualified personnel, and in technology transfer as graduates carry the research results directly into the industrial setting.